Global Research
Founded in 1990, Global Research has quickly established an impressive and devoted clientele. The reason is simple: Global Research has created a unique alternative to the industry’s well-established recruitment options. The insight of the company’s founder and President, Richard R. Wolf, has resulted in greater success in all areas of recruitment.

One Equity Partners
One Equity Partners (“OEP”) makes private equity investments behind compelling business ideas and strong management teams. Established in 2001, OEP manages $8 billion of investments and commitments for JPMorgan Chase & Co. in direct private equity transactions. Partnering with management, OEP invests in transactions that initiate strategic and operational changes in businesses to create long-term value. OEP’s investment professionals are located across North America, Europe and Asia, with offices in New York, Chicago, Menlo Park, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

Brookstone Partners
Brookstone Partners is a private equity firm that seeks to acquire companies or invest in growth equity situations in the middle market. We are transformational investors who seek to invest in and partner with talented management teams to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Our principals have created significant value in a wide variety of both private and public enterprises and have returned in excess of $1.25 billion to our partners and investors since 1996.

Inson Dubois Wood LLC
We are a full service design firm specializing in residential design. The design talent and trade resources of Inson Wood, result in exquisitely executed projects that yield significant cost savings to the client. IDW meets timelines and budget restraints by keeping all aspects of the design and fabrication process fully monitored and under one roof. IDW has an open book policy that emphasizes financial transparency, accountability, and diligent client and vendor communication while eliminating any duplication of services or fees. The firm is currently working on a Park Avenue classic 9, Riverside Drive condo and houses in the Hamptons, Greenwich, Scarsdale and LA.

Tom Kempner is a leader in the cycling world, dedicated to the sport.
Tom is an accomplished masters national class TT rider who supports many cycling development organizations.

PowerBar® products, backed by leading edge science and innovation, help fuel passionate and committed endurance athletes to push their limits to perform and win.

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