Adam Alexander winning in New York's Central Park

That is 1,2 and 3!

Adam Alexander winning in New York's Central Park

Foundation wins the 2014 New York’s premium races

Foundation Cycling wins all three premium Central Park Century Road Club Association (CRCA) races of 2014. After winning the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic, Lou Maltese Memorial Race the team also wins the Mengoni GP.

For the Dave Jordan race as well as for Mengoni it was Foundation Cycling Adam Alexander who crossed the line first. His brother and teammate Stephan Alexander won the Lou Maltese race while Adam finished in third position.

The team was not only successful in the professional/ amateur field, but also in the category 3 and 5 field.

In the category 3 field Steve Magyera won the Dave Jordan race, Eutimio Quintero the Lou Maltese race and Alex Sanborn finished first at Mengoni . Steve made the podium again at Mengoni.

After taking the win in the Lou Maltese race, Jeff Chivers also won the Mengoni category 5 race. The Mengoni 5 podium was colored in nothing but Foundation colors with Jeff Chivers coming in first, Gus Albuquerque in second and Gene Wilson in third place.

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