Giant Propel Advanced 2 2014 Review

I logged some miles on a 2014 Propel Advanced 2 recently.  Ciel Bicycle Shop ( ph: 212 288 0996) offers this great demo service.  It was 1st class experience.  Highly recommended!

  • Bike spec summary:
    • Giant’s new Propel Advanced, their 2nd tier Propel frame
    • 6800 11spd Ultegra
    • Giant SLR carbon aero wheels (55cm, made by DTSwiss)
    • Size tested = medium (read 55cm).
  • The Ride
    • Great riding and scarily fast, acceleration and top speed
    • Overall ride quality was quite good, especially for a race-specific bike. It was not much different than my TCR (which is known as the creampuff of the pro peloton), though it had slightly less vertical give on bigger bumps and extended stretches of broken pavement.  It was firm, but not harsh.
  • Performance:
    • Stiffness – Stiffest Bottom Bracket that I have had the privilege to ride.
    • It felt faster than my current bike (2010 TCR w dura ace 7900) on flats and on downhills, and not slower on uphills…had expected flat and downhill speed, was pleasantly surprised by climbing prowess.
    • Noticeably less wind noise than my TCR
  • Brakes – Provocative new proprietary aero design, positioned behind front fork and hidden from the wind on front/rear.
    • Excellent stopping power: stronger than my dura ace 7900 calipers but with only slightly less modulation feel
    • Confident overall, no problem scrubbing speed or under aggressive braking scenarios.
  • Wheels:  very pleasant surprise overall.
    • Stiff, aero, and well made (nice quick releases, too)
    • Stiff under sprint effort

Overall, I don’t think one could design a faster bike for circuit races, crits, and flattish road races.  It’s not a purpose built climber but doesn’t give up climbing credentials.  Though it is noticeably faster on flats/downhills. It also  seems quite livable as an everyday training workhorse.

If you are in NY area call Ciel Bicycles (ph:212 288 0996) to set up a test ride.

Test Bike details here:


Steve M.

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