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A Sincere Thank You to NYC Cycling Community For Stepping Up

The Petimezas family and Team CRCA/Foundation would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone in the cycling community for their incredible generosity, positivity, and support in helping Mark recover. Words cannot express how much your help is appreciated. Thank you. With the generous support of over 750 contributors, Mark’s recovery fund reached its initial goal, raising $103k in under two weeks.

In the month since Mark Petimezas severe crash, he has made huge advances towards recovery.  Fed by encouragement from his family, friends, and you, Mark has maintained incredible motivation.

Mark is participating in an intense therapy program at the Rusk Institute, located within the NYU Langone Medical Center.  His days are packed with physical, occupational and speech therapy.  He’s making great progress, mostly on the left side. Mark’s right side is most affected by the injury. He is expected to be released on December 12th.

Mark’s family reports that they will know shortly what changes will be required at his home so that he can continue treatments comfortably.  Mark will require a nurse, physical therapist, and an aide at home at least initially.

While insurance is expected to covers 2-3 PT visits per week, Mark needs more to maximize recovery. Once he is more mobile, he’ll also be able to go to a facility for outpatient therapy but again, insurance covers a maximum of 3 visits per week.  It is expected that Mark will require intensive therapy and rehab for a year.  It is still unknown when Mark will be able to return to work. He’s positive and working very hard.

We are raising the goal to $150k to cover the need for prolonged physical therapy.

Team CRCA/Foundation Cycling’s initial goal has been to allow Mark to focus fully on his recovery and ease the financial burden to the Petimezas family. Given the new realities of Mark’s recovery, we are raising the goal to $150k. We want to do everything we can to help Mark achieve his goal of walking side by side with his daughter again.

The community has already responded. An event held last week, organized by fellow CRCA rider Raquel Miller, Tailwind Endurance & Finish Line PT was a smashing success. Additional contributions from Matt Long’s I WILL FOUNDATION brought the nights total contributions to an astounding $8,035.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for your incredible generosity.

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